Get started with Deep Learning quickly

Deep learning is the most significant innovation in data science in recent years, since it presents amazing improvements in modeling results.

However, most data scientists don’t yet use deep learning, due to the relative complexity of customizing deep learning models for their own problems, the challenges in installing and using the required frameworks, and the low performance of open source deep learning frameworks on standard CPUs.

See my talk from STRATA Hadoop world Singapore on how to easily get started with deep learning using a new, free software tool that we developed at Intel, and is based on existing deep learning frameworks. The tool  enables the fast and easy creation of deep learning models and incorporates extensive optimizations that provide high performance on standard CPUs, thanks to extensive code optimizations.

Big Data? Hadoop – What It Is And How It Works

As the complexity of data based products increase, along with the need to make smart, data driven decision – the amount of data we need to collect increase rapidly. This is true for business intelligence solutions, but also for much simpler data driven products.

We have started to examine big data solutions a while ago, for example IBM’s Netezza and apache’s hadoop, but using such solutions has its price, and you usually trade-off scalability with ease of use.

Here is a very friendly article explaining about hadoop -what it is, and its design principles. The article is relatively simple and clear, and I think it is worth reading, and getting to know this technology, which we will surely encounter if not sooner then later.

ReadWriteWeb: Hadoop: What It Is And How It Works:

After you read this, check out Intel’s distribution of Hadoop:

Use Cases Diagrams with EventStudio System Designer

When deep diving into details of defining software or systems requirements we often use use case diagrams in order to illustrate the different usage models of the designed system, while noting users, components APIs and interactions.

EventStudio System Designer allows you to create use cases diagrams, collaboration diagrams and derived interface details while using a proprietary modeling language.

After short to medium learning period you will be able to create use case diagrams in a very simple manner, but more importantly very easy to maintain and reuse. After couple weeks of usage I’m far from knowing all options of the tool, but am able to enjoy the easy way of creating diagrams (unlike Visio or Visual Studio).

The diagrams can be viewed in PDF file or embedded to word document, and you will also get HTML summary reports which analyze what interfaces each component requires.

Worth trying. Get your free trial here:

UseCase Diagram Example


New position

Undertaking a new position as System Engineer at Intel Corporation I was literally unable to update this blog these last six months.

However – I intend to continue and update, hopefully more frequently on computer and systems engineering, technology and more. You are welcome to back and check out every once in a while…

Thanks for your patience, | Nir

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Take control over you blog with WordPress for Blackberry

Do you maintain a WordPress blog? You upload content every once in a while, and try to stay in touch with your readers by reading and replying to their comments (while digging them out of the spam comments)?
If you have a Blackberry this task could be much easier.
With WordPress for Blackberry you can add or edit posts, read, approve, reply or delete comments, add special pages, and even add pictures and videos – all on the go.
With a quite simple HTML editor (WYSIWYG is not available right now) you can create posts and pages everywhere, and keep you blog up-to-date.
Recommeded both for beginners and experts!

Decision-Making Models In Web Development

David Sparks in Smashing Magazine gives a nice overview of decision making models in web development in his post (June, 23 2010):

The most interesting parts to review are the models themselves, all intended to help you get a more settled, structured decision.

For example, the SHEL model (Software, Hardware, Environment, Liveware) will remind you that when you choose your target hardware (PC, smartphone, etc.), this affects other aspects of your solution, such as the user’s environment, and will impact on the end user’s experience and capabilities.

SHEL decision making model

DODAR (Diagnose, Options, Decide, Assign, Review) speaks mostly about the process of decision making itself.

And there is much more.

Anyhow – this is worth the reading (link again) and whatever you choose eventually, don’t be shy to think and evaluate again, as long as it doesn’t hold you back on your plans and time-lines…

Apple iPad Reaches ‘1 Million Sold’ Twice as Fast as iPhone

On the first week of May 2010, Apple announced it had sold more than a million iPad devices over the internet! So people are actually buying this thing!

It is amazing that Apple were able to identify a niche that never existed (in market sense) and make it a significant one. Although touch sensitive portable computers are in the market already for several years, the fact that they are using the standard Windows interface doesn’t make it accessible and usable to most people.

iPad – in a sense – is revolutionary by providing the simple iPhone operating system and human interface in a larger device. Although it may not be useful to me, it could be the right choice for many others who simply want to surf the web, read email, and play a little – all this without the need of understanding how computers work.

Things worth checking out – Technology News

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Is Google preparing its own Android tablet? An interesting twist to a market not yet exists, but targeted by leading companies after the push of Apple with it’s new iPad (read more on electonista).

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Apple approves Opera web browser for iPhone (read on Telegraph).