Windows 7 Activation Technologies (WAT)

This week all pirate windows 7 owners have been talking about the new Microsoft anti piracy tool – Windows 7 activation technologies (WAT) that replaces the Microsoft Genuine Advantage tool.

This tool was pushed by Microsoft as a required security update for Windows 7 (security update KB971033), but it is acutally detecting non genuine software – mainly Windows versions that were hacked with Windows Loaders that mimic the operations of large OEMs embedding Windows on their machines.

Well.. hackers are not far behind Microsoft, and a patch was already released (WAT Remover)…

More about the WAT and its remover on “My Digital Life” here and here

Outlook Attachment Remover

If you use outlook, like me, and like to archive each and every email, you may have had the problem of large pst files.
Check out “Kopf Outlook Attachment Remover” – an outlook add-in that allows you with a click of a button to save your attachments in a predefined directory, and replace them within the email with a link to that attachment location on the hard drive. Very nice and useful.


Note!  If you use another language other than English, this might cause the other language not to work within outlook. We had problems with Hebrew, and we are checking this with the developers…

Outlook Attachment Remover Screenshot

Banking and the web

I peeked (with permission) on my mom’s bank account on the web, to discover that my bank’s website is so much better than hers.

I never thought about this before, but these days, when I visit my bank branch only every two to three years, and my main interface to the bank is its website, this is actually a significant parameter in deciding which bank to choose (or in my case to consider not to leave the bank because of).

The number of services accessible via web, the website accessibility and convenience is by far more important than the branch acessibility…

Era of blogs

Well this is the era of blogs. With the rise of social networks, twitter especially, people get to deeper web pages via direct links provided by their friends. So.. after many years of trying to open a blog (and not maintaining it at all), I’m giving it another try. This time – I’ve set up the platform myself, and i intend to create much more content.

The question of language is always valid – do I use my native tongue and limit the number of potential users, or use English, and work a little harder (and make it harder for my friends and family who are less comfortable with English). Well.. you see my choice (so far at least).