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Things worth checking out – Technology News

Has Gmail gave up on ‘tagging’ as an alternative to directories and sub-directories? If yes, this is pretty sad. Good tagging with search capabilities is a better alternative for a sort and archive approach (further reading on rww).

Is Google preparing its own Android tablet? An interesting twist to a market not yet exists, but targeted by leading companies after the push of Apple with it’s new iPad (read more on electonista).

Chrip – twitter’s first official developer conference is to take place tomorrow (April 14-15). Join by listening online at http://chirp.twitter.com.

Apple approves Opera web browser for iPhone (read on Telegraph).

Era of blogs

Well this is the era of blogs. With the rise of social networks, twitter especially, people get to deeper web pages via direct links provided by their friends. So.. after many years of trying to open a blog (and not maintaining it at all), I’m giving it another try. This time – I’ve set up the platform myself, and i intend to create much more content.

The question of language is always valid – do I use my native tongue and limit the number of potential users, or use English, and work a little harder (and make it harder for my friends and family who are less comfortable with English). Well.. you see my choice (so far at least).